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Sicangu Lakota Oyate Early Childhood Program - Enrollment

Vacancies – Head Start

Long Warrior/Dunham Classroom (Norris) – 1 vacancy
Woksape Woihanble Classroom (Parmelee) – 1 vacancy

Vacancies – Early Head Start –

Currently we have no vacancies, but we will still be taking enrollment packets in case of


Attendance Information –
 According to our Head Start Performance Standards 1302.16 Attendance
It says.
1302.16 (a) Promoting regular attendance. A Program must track attendance for each child.
(1) A program must implement a process to ensure children are safe when they do not arrive at
School. If a child is unexpectedly absent and a parent has not contacted the parent to ensure
The child’s well-being.
(2) A program must implement strategies to promote attendance. At a minimum, a program
(i) Provide information about the benefits of regular attendance;
(ii) Support families to promote the child’s regular attendance;
(iii) Conduct a home visit or make other direct contact with a child’s parents if a child has
Multiple unexplained absences (such as two consecutive unexplained absences); and
(iv) Within the first 60 days of program operation, and on an ongoing basis thereafter, use
Individual child data to identify children with patterns of absences that put them at risk
Of missing ten percent of program days per year and develop appropriate strategies
To improve individual attendance among identified children, such as direct contact with
Parents or intensive case management, as necessary.
(3) If a child ceases to attend, the program must make appropriate efforts to reengage the family
To resume attendance, including as described in paragraph (a)(2) of this section. If the child’s
Attendance does not resume, then the program must consider that slot vacant. This action
Is not considered expulsion as described in §1302.17.
(b) Managing systematic program attendance issues. If a program’s monthly average daily
Attendance rate falls below 85 percent, the program must analyze the causes of
Absenteeism to identify any systematic issues that contribute to the program’s absentee
Rate. The program must use this data to make necessary changes in a timely manner as
Part of ongoing efforts as described in §1302.102(b) and inform its continuous
Improvement efforts as described in §1302.102(c).

Our Head Start Policy is if your child is going to be absent for any reason Please contact your child’s
Teacher as soon as possible to let them know.
If you do not contact your Teacher the Teacher will call you within the first hour of the child’s absence.
The Family Advocate will also contact you to see why the child is missing.
The Summary of Absence form will be utilized and must be signed by the parent, Teacher, Advocate and
the ERSEA Manager.

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