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The Rosebud Sioux Tribe Head Start Program (Sicangu Lakota Oyate Head Start/ Early Head Start) cares, shares, and prepares. We care for students, we share our knowledge, and we prepare our children for the future.


We are funded for 315 Head Start students and 88 EHS students. 


We are the largest Tribal Program, employing 136 staff.

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P.O. Box 836

Rosebud, South Dakota

Phone (605) 747-2391 | Fax (605) 747-2590



Head Start


Mission: Antelope, Stephan Fallis, Mercy Poorman, Neola Spotted Tail, Wakanyeja & 

Emma Yellow Hawk

Norris: Long Warrior/Dunham

Parmelee: Billy Mills & Woksape Woihanble

Rosebud:  Nellie Menard, Tasunke Witko, Wilma Whipple

St. Francis:  Kate Omaha Boy & Owl Bonnet

White River:  Elizabeth Arrow

Winner:  Lame Deer

 Early Head Start

Mission: Sungh’paha, Tusweca, Wanbli

Rosebud: Keya, Sungmanitu Tanka, Pahin

St. Francis: Sungmanitu Cika, Tatanka, Mato

Parmelee: Kimimila, Sungwakan

Policy Council

Education Committee

Governing Body Roles & Responsibilities

Policy Council Approval:  June 2020


Regulation:  1301.2 HSPPS Section 642 (c) (1) (E) Head Start Act

In order to ensure the implementation of a high quality Head Start program, the governing body and policy council will perform their roles and responsibilities according to the Head Start Act and Head Start Performance Standards.


The Governance structure exists in a Head Start program to support the delivery of quality services to children and families and to support the meaningful role of parents in shared decision-making. 

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