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Strategic Five Year Goals 2020-2025


Sicangu Lakota Oyate Early Childhood Program has developed its five-year Strategic Plan (2020-2025) in alignment with its 2020 five-year grant application. These long-range goals will set the course for continuous improvement and innovation. 

Sicangu Lakota Oyate Early Childhood Program involves both Policy Council and the Tribal Council in program planning, including involvement in the development of program goals and objectives. Progress and updates are provided in our Tribal Governance report which is given to all Tribal Council and Policy Council membership, including officers. In 2017, Tribal and Policy Council members were'invited to engage in Strategic Planning sessions during which goals and objectives were identified. Finalized goals and objectives were then discussed and approved at subsequent meetings. The majority of the 2020-2025 strategic goals are variations of the goals from 2017  which are still in progress. Expected outcomes, objectives, and action steps have been revised for several goals. The Tribal Council and Policy Council engage in on-going discussions regarding progress made toward program goals and objectives and approved these revisions. Goals and objectives are based on information from the following information sources: 

  • Community Assessment/Annual Updates

  • Parent and Community Surveys 

  • On-going Monitoring and Self-Assessment

  • Child Outcomes 

  • Family Outcomes 

  • Tribal, State and Federal data

  • Program data 

  • Health and Safety Inspections 

Staff and Governing Bodies will review this Strategic Plan a minimum of three times a year, including after each annual update to the Community Assessment in Years 2-5. Goals, objectives, and timelines may be adjusted, as necessary. Progress toward goals, objectives, and action steps will be documented. 

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