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Sicangu Lakota Oyate Early Childhood Program

Here is the current enrollment openings for our Head Start and Early Head Start classrooms;


Long Warrior/Dunham Classroom (Norris) - 3 vacancies

Singh'Pala Classroom (Mission - 6 weeks to 1 year) - 1 vacancy
Sungmanitu Cika Classroom (St. Francis - 6 weeks to 1 year) - 3 vacancies

Updated: 9/18/2023

RST Head Start Program 
Recruitment Video

Announcements from ERSEA Area: 

According to the Head Start Performance Standards, The Head Start/Early Head Start Program must maintain an 85% Average Daily Attendance for each day. If your child is going to be absent please contact your Child’s Teacher and let them know. Attendance is VERY important and we must adhere to the HS Performance Standards. Just a reminder when you don’t let your child’s Classroom staff know that your child wont be in the Teachers will be calling you the parents to see why the child isn’t there. If your child misses two consecutive days the Family Advocate will be out to do a home visit to let you know of the importance of attending school. If the child is still not attending an Attendance Contract will be signed by you the parent, the Family Advocate and the ERSEA Manager. The Family Advocate will do what she can to assist the child to make sure the child is going to school. Please work with the Classroom Staff and the Family Advocates to ensure that your child is getting the best education and be ready for Kindergarten. 

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