Sicangu Lakota Oyate Early Childhood Program

Here is the current enrollment openings for our Head Start and Early Head Start classrooms;

Head Start Vacancies


The enrollment for the Sicangu Lakota Oyate Head Start Program is now closed due to the time it takes to do the children’s 45 day assessments. We do have enrollment Packets for the 22-23 school year available at the Admin office. The Family Advocates also have the new enrollment packets with them. If you need one Please contact the Family Advocate for your area or contact the Admin office at 747-2391 and ask for Debb LeRoy- ERSEA Manager or Victoria Burnette- ERSEA Assistant.



Parmelee Area-
Kimimila Classroom – (6 weeks-18 months) – 1 vacancy

Rosebud Area-

Sungmanitu Tanka (13 month-2 years) – 1 vacancy


Sungmanitu Cika - 1 vacancy 

Mato (25 months to 3 years) - 2 vacancy
Tatanka - (13 months- 2 years)-  2 vacancies

If you have a child that you want to enroll in any of these classrooms please contact the Head Start
   Admin office at (605) 747-2391 or the Advocate for your area.
   Valene Hawk – Sungh’Pala, Tusweca, Wanbli, Kimimila, Sunka Wakan classrooms, Ext. 228
   Liza Castro – Keya, Sungmanitu Tanka, Pahin, Sungmanitu Cika, Mato, Tatanka Classrooms, ext. 227


Last Updated: 5/12/22

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